SEDNA Project News

Aug 2018

(Re)categorising Augmented Reality

We are about to reach a state where Augmented Reality (AR) becomes both useful and usable. The following is an attempt at (re)categorising the AR landscape, focusing on technologies for visual AR.

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Jun 2018

SEDNA — Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case

SEDNA (“Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case”) is a research project that is developing an innovative and integrated risk-based approach to safe Arctic navigation, ship design and operation. SEDNA has a global consortium, with 13 partners from 6 different countries, including China, and will run for three years from June 2017.

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Jun 2018

Shanghai forum 2018

Martin Bergström participated in Shanghai Forum 2018, May 26-28, where he was invited to speak at a session on “New Technologies for Future Arctic Operations”.

His talk, the topic of which was “Towards Holistic Goal-Based Design of Arctic Ship”,   was about the holistic goal-based design framework that we are developing within the SEDNA project.

Following the talk, he also attended a “round-table” discussion on the topic of the session.


Sep 2017

Visit to Helsinki

In late July Ilkka Saisto from Aker Arctic hosted a visit from Professor Kwang Leong Choy and Professor Giles Thomas to the Finnish icebreaker Polaris in order to establish a greater understanding of the different ship surfaces for the work on anti-icing technologies. Built in 2016 Polaris is operated by the state-owned icebreaker operator Arctia.

Jul 2017

SEDNA project presented at H2020 Waterborne Research Conference

The SEDNA project was presented at the H2020 Waterborne Research Conference: Competitive, Safe and Sustainable, held on 8 June, 2017 in Brussels.

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