Safe and Efficient Arctic Voyage Optimisation

Optimised Arctic voyage planning, combining ice monitoring and weather forecasting, using Big Data and Data Management .

The presence of ice has a major impact on the safety, operability and efficiency of Arctic operations and navigation. At the same time, Arctic navigation is a highly specialised and complex activity that demands particular skillsets from bridge crews to be safe.

At present, the maritime industry does not make use of existing and operational research sea ice forecasting products. This is due to the associated products not being fit-for-purpose for use on board vessels and not having been adequately verified, validated and optimised for use operationally in strategic ice management. Moreover, there is no weather routing system available to consider the optimum operation of ships under ice conditions.

SEDNA  will address these shortcomings by developing improved situational awareness solutions to ensure Safe and Efficient Arctic Navigation.

Specifically, SEDNA will develop: